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  • As evidenced in the I-Ready EOY Data: JMCSS achieved the highest growth in the district with 279% typical growth., and 130% stretch growth.

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As evidenced in the  June Instructional report, JMCSS 601 performed above par with the City in 8 out of the 11 standards tested.

2016-2023 State Exam Data

22% increase

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I became the Co-Ordinator of Middle School Instruction in 2017. The first item on my agenda was to improve the middle school state exam scores. Raising test scores was not about numbers, it was about closing the achievement gap for our students.  This AIS was done during the regular school day, and grouped the students based on needs. I created different sections to cater to ENL students, Sped students, the lower third. Students were placed with teachers who were math leads, so they could deliver the best instruction to the students.

I also instituted an After School Tutoring session as well as a Saturday Academy to help students get the one-one instruction they need to close the achievement Gap. With pandemic in 2019-2020 school year we saw a decline in reading and math scores. I regroup and realign expectations and made sure students were receiving additional intervention in middle school classes. In 202102022 we began to see the rise in our test scores again.

I focused on data to drive and transform our instruction. I an still in the process of training and educating the teachers on how to use data and assessments to improve instructional outcomes.

8th grade students sat for the 9th grade algebra 1 regents exams. The graph shows the pass rates for the students who took the exams.

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