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Goal A

  • By the end of the academic year, I will effectively communicate and implement a shared vision of learning among staff and stakeholders, as evidenced by a 20% increase in alignment of instructional practices with the shared vision, as measured by pre- and post-assessments and staff feedback surveys.

Goal B

  • By the end of the academic year, I will improve the effectiveness of administration functioning for JMCSS by implementing a comprehensive communication and feedback system that fosters collaboration, enhances decision-making, and promotes professional growth as measured by increased participation in collaborative activities, improved decision-making processes, and positive feedback from teachers regarding professional growth opportunities.

Goal C

  •  By the end of the academic year I will improve  instructional and school programs at JMCSS by implementing a comprehensive professional development plan for teachers, resulting in increased student engagement and academic achievement, as measured through surveys and classroom observations, and improved academic achievement, assessed through standardized test scores (regents and NYS exams), progress monitoring data, and evaluation of student work.

  • By the end of the academic year, I will implement inquiry systems and protocols with teacher teams to evaluate, analyze and develop  common formative assessments for each grade level, resulting in a 15% increase in students on grade level in math and ELA as measured through our Iready data and standardized exams. 

Goal D

  • By the end of the academic year, I will establish open and effective lines of communication with staff, students, parents, and the community, fostering positive relationships and collaboration. Increase staff, student, parent, and community satisfaction survey ratings by 15%. Organize regular meetings with staff, parents, and community members to address concerns, share updates, and gather feedback. As measured by increased participation in  monthly staff meetings, quarterly parent-teacher conferences, and regular community outreach events.

Goal E

  • By the end of the academic year, I will develop a comprehensive SEL plan for JMCSS  that addresses the specific needs of students, staff, and the school community, increasing student participation in SEL programs and activities by 20%, as measured by our DESSA data. 

  • By the end of the academic year, implement a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework in JMCSS  to improve academic achievement and social-emotional well-being for all students, increasing the number of students meeting grade-level academic benchmarks by 15% by June 2024, as measured by standardized assessments and progress monitoring tools.

Goals For 2024 School Year

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