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Class 701 

  • ELL Students above 200% typical growth. 

  • Group 3 (Lowest performing students in need of the most support) 250% gains in growth. 

Class 702 

  • Group one (All but one student jumped a grade level in growth.  E students jumped 2 grade levels higher). 

  • Group 2 (two students jumped 2 grades above where they were). 

  • Group 3 (4 students jumped by 3 grades or more in growth)

2016-2023 State Exam Data
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I became the Co-Ordinator of Middle School Instruction in 2017. The first item on my agenda was to improve the middle school state exam scores. Raising test scores was not about numbers, it was about closing the achievement gap for our students. I wrote a Strategic Reading curriculum for the AIS intervention I implemented. This AIS was done during the regular school day, and grouped the students based on needs. I created different sections to cater to ENL students, Sped students, the lower third, as well as student who needed a book club for enrichment. The programs ran during this time were Strategic Reading, STARI MSQI initiative, Rewards, and Book Club.


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